The overlap is over

Today marks the last day that I will be overlapping with the B Family’s current Italian Au Pair, Maria. She has been a huge help showing me where things are, teaching me the routine, and generally letting me follow her around. I’m actually kind of bummed she’s leaving. We were beginning to make a great team!

The dad took me driving today, and although its still a bit nerve wracking to have my seat that close to oncoming traffic, it was easier to learn than I thought. Speaking of new things, I’ve been keeping a running list of all the new things I’ve tried since arriving in Oz. I’ll update with a new tab soon to keep that list going.

It turns out one of the new things I’ll have to start doing on the reg is cooking for people who aren’t me, or drunk. Which means they will probably be slightly harsher critics. So here’s hoping they don’t mind Mac & Cheese 4x a week!

I was also introduced to another Au Pair (from the UK) who just started in Sydney this week! She was really friendly, and hopefully we can take advantage of actually knowing someone within a 10 mile radius. She is replacing one if Maria’s best friends, so when we went out today it felt like 2 Masters & 2 Apprentices.

On a less geeky and much more tragic note, my outlet adapter that I got in my stocking at Christmas has died after exactly 4 days. So until I can get my hands on another one, my contact will be limited to wifi with iPhone. Also this means I can’t watch the finales of Dexter or SYTYCD until it gets fixed so I have to also avoid twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so as not to ruin anything for myself. In conclusion, my life is virtually nonexistent with the loss of laptop charger.


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