Hey All! Here’s a few updates. I promise to add more soon!

NBL Game- The Sydney Kings vs The Perth Wildcats

Went to a “National Basketball League” game, which had an audience very similar to our minor league baseball games- lots of families and little kids, with human hamster wheels entertaining us in-between periods.It was an interesting contrast to what I’m used to, and Sydney lost. But it was super fun to go to nonetheless. Since tickets are so cheap, I think that next time we’re going to spring for courtside seats (only $40) and make a night out of it

Randwick Races (Again)

Not quite as fun as last time, but then again we had pretty high expectations.

Swim Lessons with Jonah

Pretty self-explanitory but I’ve been driving Jonah to his grandparent’s pool every Tuesday to give him a private swim lesson, and he’s really improved! The pool is beautiful but the weather has coincidentally been pretty cold on Tuesdays the last couple of weeks which is pretty rough.

Sometimes Karlisle drags me to the Gym with her

And I protest the whole way there, but then I thank her for it later


It’s finally starting to get really warm here, which is nice when I want to head to the beach. Kind of sucks when I’m walking the 30 minutes to the train station though.

Scary Canary

I’ve been hearing all about this place for so long- they had a foam party on a Tuesday if that tells you anything- that I was dying to check it out. My friend Alex and I went and had a great time! They even had blue drinks in Mason Jars a la Sandbar.


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