Staying in Syd

I was hoping to wait until my Visa information was more solidified to announce this, but due to some extenuating circumstances- its coming out now. So here it is: I’m staying. I’m staying in Sydney, in the city that’s stolen my heart, my soul, and a small portion of my tastebuds.

About a month ago I made the decision to try to find a job in my field that could also sponsor me on a more permanent stay in Sydney. This is such a great place to start a career in social media related jobs, and I knew I couldn’t go home without giving throwing every part of myself into it at warp speed. I told a limited number of close friends at home, but I wasn’t looking to jinx anything. The whole process was slightly daunting, as I only had six weeks left on my Working Holiday Visa, and deportation was looming. After a few interviews, and more than a few sleepless nights in the fetal position, I received an offer, and have accepted a job as a Community Manager with a company located on Darling Harbour.

This marks a huge new chunk of my life, and although I won’t be starting with an entirely blank canvas, the final product is an entirely different picture than what I had in my head. “A year abroad,” I thought, sounded adventurous but not out of the ordinary. I thought it would look good on a resume, allow me to live in summer season for almost an entire year, and be a great story for the grandkids. 365 days seemed like an eternity at the time (and for a while at the beginning I thought it just might take that long), but then suddenly I found myself at the end of July- and I’m not ready to go. All I’m ready to do is stay.

There are so many things that I will miss about Kansas, and of course my beloved LFK*. But while they don’t have cheddar cheese here, an appreciation for college basketball, cowboy boots, or BBQ- they do have many things we don’t have; Waterfront views from the office, 70 degree “winter” days, public transportation that can get me anywhere, a ridiculous amount of whiskey bars, and lets not completely breeze over the accent. So for now, I’m not coming home. The truth is, after only ten months Sydney has become yet another place I will forever see as home.

Olathe will always be my hometown, where I met my little brother, learned to ride a bike, marched in the parade and danced my heart out, full of Friday night lights and friends I would never forget.

Lawrence is where I got to make my own mistakes, and bounce back even stronger than before. It’s where I fell in love for the first time, where I Rock Chalk chanted, ADPi snapped, and Brickhouse sang “All I Want for Christmas is You” year round.

Sydney has a life all its own. It’s clean and bright and full of an energy that’s pushing me forward, and turning me into the person I’d want to see live my life, on my own rules.

I love you Kansas, you know I do. But I’m afraid it’ll be a while before I can drag myself away from this adventure, its proved just too tempting to leave behind.

*expect a full post on Larryville and all its beautiful details later


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