Hire Me

Looking for that special someone in your company? Someone who thinks big picture, but writes  in 140 characters or less?

I’m a Fearless Millennial with a knack for shaking things up. Think of me as a blender who multi-tasks.

Fierce advocate of all things Social and Media related- it only made sense to combine the two during my time Studying at The University of Kansas. I type quick, and learn quicker.

I can help your company become more dynamic and well-rounded in the long run, by connecting with an audience in an approachable, but still productive manner. I have experience organizing people into the most effective streamline for productive improvement. With an ability to both lead and direct others’ creativity in a brainstorming session, I’m your go-to for new ideas and concepts. I have experience growing audiences with Social Media, EDM Platforms, Photo, Video, and Graphics, providing a tone and voice for brands, organizing and directing people for events, scheduling timetables, and directing online traffic.

But perhaps my most important strength comes from my written & verbal communication skills combined with an attention to detail rivalling most pointillism artists. Like them, I believe in taking a step back to observe the bigger picture.

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