Need More Convincing?

I know the person you’re looking for. You want someone who’s passionate, but in control of their emotions. You want someone with a strong voice, who can also channel your vision into a unique brand voice of their own.

You want a writer, someone who’s not afraid to make big jumps but doesn’t attempt a tightrope walk across the Blue Mountains. You want a creative – someone who can combine all of this into one. You also want someone who shares The values and company culture established to make its employees truly feel like they are not only wanted, but needed. I’m that person, and I’d like to be able to prove it to you.

It’s also important to note that I am currently sponsored on the 457 Skilled Work Visa, so I am legally allowed to work in Australia. Just as important to note that I often bake things for the office and bring them in on Mondays.

The campaigns I have executed ranged from audiences consisting of Social Influencers, to Fashionistas, to Graphic Designers, to Mommy Bloggers, and beyond. I believe success is reached when your interaction with the social Audience is truly a two-way conversation. At Nickelodeon, I could bring that two-way conversation to Audiences of all ages, because let’s face it – we’re all kids who want to have fun.

The most successful campaigns I executed used a conversational tone, with topics that were relevant to the customer. They were already talking about it – we added quality to the conversation without being Spammy or hard-selling.

In a nutshell? Look no further – I’m your girl.

Feel free to reach out via email, linkedin, or Tweet at me!

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