Like Jamari Loves Reese’s

I’ve always been told not to measure my wealth in what a man says. And everyone knows that money isn’t everything. But what about your value as decided by your friends? Oftentimes, they do more to define us as people than anyone else. Family will always be there for you, but your friends are the […]

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Halfway Point

6 months, halfway there. It seems like its gone by in two seconds flat. Two of the most jam-packed, emotionally exhausting, sun kissed, insane seconds of my life. While here, I’ve met friends I’ll never forget, men I’d like to, and beaches that remind me over and over again that I’m not in Kansas anymore. […]

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The overlap is over

Today marks the last day that I will be overlapping with the B Family’s current Italian Au Pair, Maria. She has been a huge help showing me where things are, teaching me the routine, and generally letting me follow her around. I’m actually kind of bummed she’s leaving. We were beginning to make a great […]

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