Au Pair Prep: Firsts and Lasts

I went to my last Royals game for quite a while this week. Jeff, Will, & Newman went with me to observe, in true KC fashion as we let victory slip from our grasp. It was college night, so tickets were only $7, and we got to sit four rows back in the lower part […]

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Au Pair Prep: The Disaster that is My Car & Closet

I’m definitely making progress! My car has been fully unloaded (except for the trunk), which I thought was completely impossible based on the state it’s been in, well… forever. I discovered that I apparently haven’t thrown away a McDonald’s reciept for three years. There were also an alarming amount of socks and deodorant in my […]

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Au Pair Prep: 24 Days & Counting

The countdown has officially begun. My visa was granted in only five days, my plane ticket has been purchased, and I am nowhere near ready to go. Today mom and I went through all of the books on my shelves and tomorrow I will go through knick-knacks and get started on sorting Laundry. The list […]

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