Staying in Syd


I was hoping to wait until my Visa information was more solidified to announce this, but due to some extenuating circumstances- its coming out now. So here it is: I’m staying. I’m staying in Sydney, in the city that’s stolen my heart, my soul, and a small portion of my tastebuds. About a month ago […]

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The overlap is over

Today marks the last day that I will be overlapping with the B Family’s current Italian Au Pair, Maria. She has been a huge help showing me where things are, teaching me the routine, and generally letting me follow her around. I’m actually kind of bummed she’s leaving. We were beginning to make a great […]

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Reconnected! With Wifi and iMessage

Well tonight will be my second night in Pymble (the suburb of Sydney where I’m staying), and internet has semi-successfully been installed at the house. It’s brand new, practically still in the wrapper so a lot of details are still left to be finished. The house itself is beautifully modern though, like something out of […]

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Au Pair Prep: The Disaster that is My Car & Closet

I’m definitely making progress! My car has been fully unloaded (except for the trunk), which I thought was completely impossible based on the state it’s been in, well… forever. I discovered that I apparently haven’t thrown away a McDonald’s reciept for three years. There were also an alarming amount of socks and deodorant in my […]

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