The Sydney Siege: Sticking Together

It is something you never plan on encountering. And if you grew up in the slightly Stars Hollow-eque bubble that is the Midwest its something you don’t even see on TV until after the family friendly hours ended on public channels. I woke up yesterday morning -after 12 smacks of the snooze alarm on my phone- and […]

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Christmas in Oz

This Christmas was so different that anything I could have imagined. Although I was hoping for an extremely tropical day, we got a very comfortable- although slightly rainy- day full of fun, friends, and family. I spent it with Karlisle’s host family: the Dunlops. Jen (Her host mom) is the oldest of six siblings, so […]

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Top Thai and Good Thai- Yes those are both actual names of Restaurants

I had some seriously kick-ass Thai food this week! Hope everyone’s having a great Holiday Season at home. Here they call it “The Silly Season,” for reasons that are beyond me. Christmas is just around the corner and after it’s over I’ll be sure to update with lots of pictures and stories. For now I […]

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