Staying in Syd


I was hoping to wait until my Visa information was more solidified to announce this, but due to some extenuating circumstances- its coming out now. So here it is: I’m staying. I’m staying in Sydney, in the city that’s stolen my heart, my soul, and a small portion of my tastebuds. About a month ago […]

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Golden Birthday


//Golden// def; lustrous, shining : of a high degree of excellence : superb : prosperous, flourishing : radiantly youthful and vigorous : having talents that promise great success Birthdays are one of my favorite thing to celebrate. This year was a golden one for each of my roommates; Kay turned 22 January 22, then Lauren […]

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An Ode to Em

Em & Katie

I met Emily Riches because I had no other friends. That’s a fact. I had just moved to a new part of the city, a lot of my friends had gone home, and anyone who was left was too far or just couldn’t be bothered to see me anymore. Emily had lots of friends, both permanent […]

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Like Jamari Loves Reese’s

I’ve always been told not to measure my wealth in what a man says. And everyone knows that money isn’t everything. But what about your value as decided by your friends? Oftentimes, they do more to define us as people than anyone else. Family will always be there for you, but your friends are the […]

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Halfway Point

6 months, halfway there. It seems like its gone by in two seconds flat. Two of the most jam-packed, emotionally exhausting, sun kissed, insane seconds of my life. While here, I’ve met friends I’ll never forget, men I’d like to, and beaches that remind me over and over again that I’m not in Kansas anymore. […]

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NYE in Darling Harbor

Fireworks, Palm Trees, & lots of Champagne; My New Year’s Eve was full of things both old and new in Sydney. Karlisle, Sarah and I celebrated the end of 2013 at Cargo Bar on Darling Harbor. It was amazing to see the fireworks (which started as early on as 8pm and kept going long past […]

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Christmas in Oz


This Christmas was so different that anything I could have imagined. Although I was hoping for an extremely tropical day, we got a very comfortable- although slightly rainy- day full of fun, friends, and family. I spent it with Karlisle’s host family: the Dunlops. Jen (Her host mom) is the oldest of six siblings, so […]

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Top Thai and Good Thai- Yes those are both actual names of Restaurants

I had some seriously kick-ass Thai food this week! Hope everyone’s having a great Holiday Season at home. Here they call it “The Silly Season,” for reasons that are beyond me. Christmas is just around the corner and after it’s over I’ll be sure to update with lots of pictures and stories. For now I […]

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Hey All! Here’s a few updates. I promise to add more soon! NBL Game- The Sydney Kings vs The Perth Wildcats Went to a “National Basketball League” game, which had an audience very similar to our minor league baseball games- lots of families and little kids, with human hamster wheels entertaining us in-between periods.It was […]

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Let the Good Times Roll: RedFoo at Marquee, Manly Beach, Winery Tours, & A Hot Date


Another amazing Sydney weekend is in the books! Friday night I went to Marquee- a club inside of The Star Casino- to see RedFoo (the giant fro guy from LMFAO) DJ. Four of us split a hotel room in the city so we didn’t have to worry about getting home, which was really nice. I […]

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